Team Member

Lynn Sulivan

What is your day job?

I am the Co-founder of Sullivan Builders which was started in the late 70’s  and it continues to grow. I am also the mother of 4 healthy and happy children, mother in law to 3 daughters in law and one son in law; and grandmother of six. Needless to say, life is full.. 40 + years of mothering and now grandmothering, being a business and life partner to my Husband, and sometimes house mom to our hundreds of past and current employees; has always been fulfilling.

Now in the first step towards retirement; our two oldest sons are co-owners and run the day to day management of the organization and our son- in -law is vice president and they run individual projects.  It is still a family business and therefore, we all have many roles to play. In my case, project management, sales, estimating, and HR are still a part of my weekly activities.

What is your motivation to participate in Pelotonia?

Pelotonia became a personal passion in 2009.  After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis the end of July that year; I realized that I would not be riding that year. But, I did learned very quickly that I was not alone.

People cared about me, I was bigger than the diagnosis, and that together we could help prevent cancer and treat others. I was moved to think that with hard work and luck, my friends, daughter, granddaughters and others wouldn’t have to go through this in the same way.

It amazed me what a few volunteer fundraisers could accomplish. I tear with pride every year thinking that every rider I see raised thousands of dollars to care for someone like me. A stranger they had never met, and may never meet.

Throughout the following years, Simply Community has done a great job educating us about the research. Meeting the research fellows at the fundraisers not only put a face with the hard work, but also provided hope and insight into a complex and thrilling part of the world that most of us know little about.

What does Simply Community mean to you?

Simply Community has been an example to me of how to bring people together, provide continued education on life saving research and make new friends.

In the last few years I am flabbergasted at how much money we have raised for cancer research and how much joy it brings me to help alongside others.  

I want to continue to be part of it.