Team Member

Dante Washington

What is your day job?

Director of Teams strategic partnerships and business development for the Crew. Used to play for the Columbus Crew

Dante Washington wearing a yellow Columbus Crew jersey during a soccer game.
Dante Washington during his playing days with the Columbus Crew

What is your motivation to participate in Pelotonia?

Opportunity/multifaceted don’t get to experience it truly until you try it. The simplistic answer is to raise money for cancer research. But for me the biggest part is being surrounded by like-minded people with one common goal. The feeling I have through the opening ceremony through the ride weekend and when its all over, I’m saddened when it ends

What is your secret to fundraising?

No secret really. My wife has gotten into it. What helps is making it personal for ppl and helping show them what they give makes an impact and sharing stories. My wife had both parents go through battles with cancer. Just recently lost her mother to cancer. Social media and reach out to network, and being active and putting on inexpensive fundraisers. Conveying the power of Pelotonia.

Dante Washington, wearing a blue Jersey, pedals his bike past a row of spectators during a Pelotonia race.
Dante Washington completes a Pelotonia ride.

What does Simply Community mean to you? (the team and the words)

Been involved with SC since 2011. It’s a fantastic group of ppl led by Cindy and Larry. They have some of the best ppl involved. Pelotonia itself attracts good human beings. Cindy has abled us to have access to the doctors and information others simply could not provide. Simply community has given me and wife knowledge, network, and an appreciation. SC is exactly what it says. All of us are a part of a bigger movement and our community. It takes a village and our community is our village.


  • Favorite Food: Sushi 
  • Favorite Music: Hip-hop and R&B, Acid Jazz, trip-Hop
  • FavoriteSports: Football and soccer
  • Does not have too much time to read wish I did more of. 
  • Quote/Live By: Do unto others as they would do unto you….. Babe Ruth – “Each strike gets me that much closer to a homerun”