Team Member

Caroline Phillips-Stevens

What is your day job?

Come to the Belmont Deli / Catering or Water’s Edge Cafe and try our popular California Club and say hello to me at my “day job”

What is your motivation to participate in Pelotonia?

That is easy! I love to ride my bike. I want to see a cancer free world. Additionally, I think that the staff at Pelotonia are the coolest people I know.

What is your secret to fundraising?

My secret to fundraising - Great family, friends and customers. I have participated every year. From the first year to now, I have a tip jar that I have at my deli. From that tip jar, I get most of my fundraising dollars.

What does Simply Community mean to you? (the team and the words)

  • Simply Community is an amazing peloton.
  • Simply - One goal to end cancer. Simple. Not easy. It will take us all working and riding together.
  • Community - If the last few months have shown us anything it is the importance of community. We all have to depend on each other to do our part. We represent the breadth of the community. A true grassroots effort. One Goal; End Cancer.


I really enjoy veggies, pasta, tofu, sushi and anything sweet. When I am not on my bike, I like to hike, white water raft, mountain bike, ski and do Orangetheory Fitness. Music that I like varies. Eagles, James Taylor, Justin Timberlake, Lizzo, Lady Gaga, Lady A. To name a few. Right now, I am reading Where the Crawdads Sing, I listen to many podcasts. A saying that my sister Elizabeth and I use on ride day is “Just keep spinning”. Places that I enjoy traveling to are: Colorado, New Mexico, Northern California. I would like to visit some day: Australia, New Zealand, Alaska.