Team Member

Brian Suiter

What is your day job?

I’m a Principal at a real estate development firm named RiverWest Partners.

What is your motivation to participate in Pelotonia?

I am a colorectal cancer survivor of 19 years, an advocate and supporter for patients and their families, a passionate believer in people coming together for a shared goal and a Pelotonia superfan.

What is your secret to fundraising.

My 3 secrets.

1)  Highlight why fundraising is personal to you yet, communicate that what we are doing will change the world. 

2) Cast a wide net and just ask. Reach out to friends, family, clients, partners, neighbors, long lost high school classmates, frenemies, and just ask. The worst that will happen is that someone will say no. 

3) I have a competitive advantage over many people.. it’s really hard for people to say no to the irony of ass cancer and sitting in the saddle of a bike for hours at a time.

What does Simply Community mean to you? (the team and the words).

It's a funny, simplistic, yet telling name... it's exactly what it says. No affiliations (necessarily). No rider pre-requisites. No experience necessary. We accept all people from everywhere. We provide a platform for anyone to have support, comradery and a shared community. It's simply... a community.

Tell us your favorites:

  • NorthStar Margarita Pizza (ahhhmaazing)
  • music: EDM (it’s a guilty pleasure)
  • sport: downhill skiing (mountains are too far away!)
  • hobby: collecting, visiting and supporting art (yey Columbus Museum of Art!)
  • movie and quote: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off ("Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”)
  • book (Just finished Malcolm Gladwell’s “Talking to Strangers”)
  • destination: summer house on Mt. Desert Island, Maine (great bike trails!).