Team Member

Aaron Shocket

What is your day job?

Working as the president of company called Share – mobility company started a couple years ago. Startup, real young, enjoyable, hard to tell where business will be

What is your motivation to participate in Pelotonia?

I was inspired by Cindy and Larry when Pelotonia started in 2009. I’ve seen it grow and am astounded by the level of dedication and frequency of participants year after year. Every year you see the same volunteers, the continuity in general is amazing to see. All are impacted by cancer. My part is to raise as much money as possible and ride.

What is your secret to fundraising?

No secret. Lots of little asks compared to a few big asks. Grassroots org with lots of runway. Active in boards and philanthropy, but ppl know that Pelotonia philanthropy is important to me, and I don’t ask them to donate but they do out of importance to me!

What does Simply Community mean to you? (the team and the words)

It’s inclusion. Cindy has done an amazing job – no matter what distance you ride or if you volunteer or donate, there are no barriers. We will include and support anyone that wants to ride and help out in Pelotonia. 


  • Hobbies – Love to entertain, share food and wine with friends
  • Quotes: “Pain in temporary, quitting is forever, and we are not quitters.” When you’re at mile 70 or 80, we will not quit on our quest to helping beat cancer. 
  • Destinations: Nappa Valley and Hawaii. Love Wine. 
  • Music: Old school Police fan, Sting and the Police music. 
  • Books: Read lots of books for self-awareness and direction.